In second grade, we will be using some wonderful resources that align nicely with the National Common Core State Standards.  We can assure you that your child will be getting the best educational experience at Endeavour Elementary!  Some of the core activities and concepts in second grade are stated below:

English/Language Arts
-Guided Reading (Your child will meet daily in a guided reading group at his/her guided reading level.  Some of the skills and concepts taught during guided reading are word solving strategies, comprehension strategies, story elements, reading genres, and reading fluency.)
-Shared Reading
-Independent Reading

Phonics (Program - Phonics Lessons: Letters, Words, and How They Work):
-Letter/Sound Relationships
-Spelling Patterns
-High Frequency Words
-Word Meaning
-Word Structure
-Word-Solving Actions

Writing (Program - Write Steps):
-Narrative Writing
-Informative/Explanatory Writing
-Opinion Writing
-Research Writing
-Writing Organization (beginning, middle, end; paragraph writing; who, what, where, when, why, & how)
-Daily Journaling

We use the Everyday Mathematics program to:
-fluently add/subtract numbers within 20 using mental strategies
-understand/read/write numbers within 1,000
-add/subtract within 1,000 using models/strategies
-solve word problems
-introduce multiplication (up to 5x5)
-measure using inches/feet/centimeters/meters
-tell and write time to the nearest 5 minutes
-count money and solve word problems involving dollar bills/quarters/dimes/nickels/pennies
-read and create bar graphs/picture graphs/line plots
-recognize and draw 2-dimensional/3-dimensional shapes
-introduce fraction concepts

Social Studies
We use the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill "We Live Together" program to learn about:
-geography (all about Earth)
-history (our past)
-economics (all about work)

We also read and discuss a weekly Scholastic News magazine

We use the Scott Foresman Science program to learn about:
-Measurement of Properties
-Plant Life
-Earth's Surface Features
-Uses and Properties of Water

Handwriting (Program - Handwriting Without Tears):
-printing practice and reinforcement
-introduction to cursive at the end of the school year